How does couples counseling work?

David Flowers

Last Update 2 years ago

Session 1 — Couple Oral Interview. I’ll ask you a series of questions designed to help me know your history and backstory. Couples usually really enjoy telling me these stories, and I love hearing them.

Computer assessment — You’ll each do this at home individually on a computer. This is a scientific assessment of both the strengths and difficulties in your relationship. There is a one-time $39 fee that goes to the creators of the assessment, paid by the first person to log in to do the assessment.

Session 2 — Individual Interviews. A 90-minute session where I’ll meet individually with each of you for 45 minutes.

Session 3 — We review results of your computer assessment and I I assemble all the data from your consult call, intake forms, couple and individual interviews, and your computer assessment and we work together to write an initial treatment plan. 

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