What is the difference between my portal account, Spruce, and telehealth?

David Flowers

Last Update 2 years ago

Your portal account is where you end up when you click on the link I send you via email after our consult call. It's where you create a password and complete your intake paperwork, and it's where you'll schedule and cancel all your appointments with me. Access your portal account by clicking Current Clients on any page of my website, or typing https://davidflowerstherapy.com/myportal into any web browser on any device.

Spruce is an app on your phone you will use for all your communication with me (except for our actual counseling sessions). It is a messaging app, like Facebook Messenger or Telegram.

Telehealth is how we will do our video sessions on the internet. You will receive the link for your telehealth sessions the instant you create your Spruce account. It will be one link that you will use for all sessions all the time. You and your partner can even use that same link from two different locations in the event one of you is at home and the other is at work or something.

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