What is Spruce?

David Flowers

Last Update 2 yıl önce

The best way to think of Spruce is super-charged messaging like Telegram or Facebook Messenger, only it's made for the healthcare industry so it's HIPAA-compliant.

When you become my client you sign a form where you consent to communication via regular text messaging (SMS), but this is not because I plan on using it. I want clients to use Spruce for ALL communication once they set up their account, but sometimes a client forgets to use Spruce and texts me. You sign that agreement form so in case I don't notice you texted me (SMS) and I text you back (SMS), I'm covered.

Once you set up your Spruce account, use it for all messaging with me always, even if something on my website tells you to call me. The best way to contact me is in Spruce and will always get you the fastest reply.

When you decide to hire me to do your counseling, I'll text you a link that will let you set up your account. It takes about thirty seconds, is free, and requires only your name, DOB, email address, and cell number.

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